2017.06.27 K.media: “The future of newspaper”, Turin, June 21st: the print has a future, but it has to change

On June, 21st Turin hosted a meeting among the big leagues of the press industry to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of La Stampa.

Journalists, editors, managers from all around the world discussed “The future of the newspaper”, and in particular, the revolution of digital content and print. Jeff Bezos (Washington Post), Robert Allbritton (Politico), Louis Dreyfus (Le Monde), Gary Liu (South China Morning Post) and Mark Thompson (NY Times) are just some of the eminent attendees of the meeting that explained their point of view about this matter.

Maurizio Molinari, Director of La Stampa, introduced the day of the conference by saying: «The challenges we have to take on are demanding since the digital world is becoming a more and more popular way of communicating». Copies of newspapers are diminishing rapidly. Molinari explained that «Readers continue to wait for material to read, in order to get information about what is happening in our evolving world. In this case, on a necessity basis, paper publishing can come out on top».

In simplest terms, print will still have a future with a different business model, in which the quality of the content will make a difference and where the reader will accept to pay for quality; publishers might get income from the readers more than by advertisers.