2019.05.16 K.media – Italian Millennials vs Italian Baby Boomers

The Italian Audipress 2018/III survey debunks the myth that Italian Millennials do not read printed magazines or newspapers. According to this study, Italian Millennials who have a job and still live with their families, read much more compared to their peers that do not live with parents anymore (65% vs 59.6%). On the other side, Italian Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1963) who live with children read more than those who live alone (65.3% of parents that live with Millennials children vs 61.8%).
Moreover the research shows that Italian Millennials really appreciate monthly magazine (27.5% of them read almost 1 magazine per month vs 19.7% of Boomers), while Italian Boomers prefer newspapers (33.7% vs 27.2% of Millennials in the average day).
This study points out that Italian Millennials have a strong aptitude to read magazines together with relatives or friends, at home or outdoor. In other words, they have a “sharing oriented mind”.