2017.11.06 – K.media: From Italy with passion

Recently K.media’s team succeeded in partening Maserati and The Economist.

The three teams (The Economist, Maserati and K.media) have worked hard to create an exclusive dedicated hub: http://passionforcraft.economist.com/.

This exclusive Maserati campaign is aimed to associate the Maserati brand with The Economist’s credibility conglomerating priority topics such as passion, performance, quality, design and craftsmanship.

The campaign will run mostly on digital, across a media amplification campaign with an integrated presence on economist.com and an audience extension via programmatic.

The campaign will also include printed advertorials on The Economist’s lifestyle supplement: 1843.

The hub will be online for 6 months and will cover China, US, Italy, UK, Korea, Germany, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, UAE and France.