A New La Reppublica

Each step taken by our media partners is a step forward we all take in the network, affecting the way we interact with each other and the mediums.

For this reason we are very happy to share these news coming to us from Italy. La Reppublica is renewed; adapting its media to the not so new ,yet not very understood, digital language and environment.

These changes go beyond affecting the image or layout of the newspaper, but contemplating a new way of experiencing the news; readers who want to know the details and latest news from Italy and the rest of the world will have those in the newspaper´s digital versions, giving the long lived printed version a new focus in just the most relevant events analyzing them from different perspectives and approaches.

Along with the new content structure, there is a new paid app where subscribers will have access to exclusive information using the multimedia language that includes videos,  podcasts and even the possibility of interacting directly with the authors of the news through chat rooms. This app seeks to take the way we share and live the news further.

This important restructuring and the launch of the new app will be effective next November 26th.