2018.12.04 – AFFINITY MEDIA : The French advertising market was almost stable in the first nine months of the year

The Irep (Institute of Research and Advertising Studies), France Pub and Kantar Media unveiled Thursday the results of the Unified Barometer of the advertising market.

For the first three quarters as a whole, net media revenues in the scope surveyed by the Irep, which does not include the Internet over the period (television, cinema, radio, press, outdoor advertising, advertising mail, unaddressed printed matter), amounted to €5.766 billion, slightly down (-0.9%) compared to the same period in 2017.

Overall, there is a significant improvement in net revenues compared to the first three quarters of 2017, which showed a decline of -3.2% compared to 2016.

Three media are growing over the period in 2018.

Television confirmed its dynamism (+2.3%) while radio showed good vitality (+1.3% vs. -4.2% in 2017) and outdoor advertising (OOH) displayed a positive result at +0.8% (-3.9% in 2017), supported by the strong growth of digital (DOOH) at +12.4%.

As far as other media are concerned, the decline remains significant. In terms of forecasts, the global communication market continues to recover, with a total annual estimate of +2.5%.

The year 2018 is therefore set to be a year of stability.

STRATEGIES magazine 23.11.18