2017.04.05 – AFFINITY MEDIA – Zenith is expecting + 1% in 2017 for the French advertising market

The French advertising market is expected to grow by 1% this year, according to estimates published by Zenith (Publicis), which raised its forecast despite “the uncertain context of the presidential election.” In 2017, advertising investments are expected to increase in France to reach 10.39 billion Euros (+ 1.0%), against a more moderate increase of 0.4% previously expected. Next year, “this growth should continue and the results will benefit from the major sporting events (Football World Cup and Olympic Winter Games) as well as the greater effectiveness of advertising linked to the rise of the programmatic “. For 2018, Zenith raised its forecast from +1% to +1.4%, as well as for 2019 from +1.2% to +1.6%. The advertising market is expected to reach 10.5 billion Euros by 2018, reaching its record level of 2011. These investments will be driven by the Internet (+ 20% expected between 2016 and 2019) thanks to the dynamism of video, display Mobile and advertisements on social networks. If television resists, with an expected growth of +0.8% in 2017, radio is expected to decline by – 1.3% this year, -6.6% for dailies and -7.1% for magazines.