2017.5.17 – Mercury Publicity: eMarketer: Mobile to claim largest share of digital ad investment in Germany in 2017

According to an analysis of the US market researcher eMarketer from March 2017, mobile ad spend is to pass the mark of 3 billion Euros (3.2 billion Euros) for the first time in Germany this year (2015: 1.6, 2016: 2.4 billion Euros). Thus more than half of the country’s digital advertising expenditures would be allocated to mobile, i.e. more money would be invested in mobile than in the internet for the first time.

With this forecast, eMarketer present much higher figures than the association of online marketers OVK that project 1.9 billion Euros to be spent in both internet and mobile in 2017. This is due to the fact that eMarketer in their projection do not only consider display advertising (classical advertising banners, video, rich media and sponsored posts) – as OVK do –, but also investments in mobile search (especially Google) and Affiliate.

eMarketer do not expect the mobile boom to be a short-term phenomenon, estimating mobile ad spend to increase to 5.2 billion Euros till 2021. The share of mobile in the total digital advertising expenditures would rise to 79.8%.